8-Arch Bridge Auction – Item #9


While visiting my daughter Jessica, a Holliston resident, last spring, she mentioned that a grassroots effort was under way to restore the railroad bridge. An art auction would be held in the fall, she added, and asked if I would care to take some pictures and contribute them. Over a three-day period, I visited the bridge numerous times, aiming to find felicitous lighting and creative perspectives. To the extent I succeeded, you be the judge. As they say, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed taking the pictures. I hope that they induce a smile or two and generate a few shekels toward restoring the bridge. Godspeed and best wishes to those involved.

The overarching genre I dabble in is known as Rural Americana. It comprises two main categories: Rustic Relics (ramshackle barns and such) and Rusted Relics (derelict, abandoned cars, trucks, buses and tractors). Rural Americana and other galleries can be viewed at my website. Prints can be ordered directly from the website. Although I can be contacted via the website, better to email me at tfblack@mail.com.

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