To Benefit the Preservation of the 8 Arch Bridge

Bidding opens November 14, 2016.

Bidding has been extended to Dec 19th

The art will be installed in the Gilman Room at the Library tomorrow and people are invited to come in, view the art, and bid on the one they love!

There will be a reception at the Library on December 19th from 4:30 to 6:30 to wrap-up the event. Come celebrate a great fundraising year with us! We will announce final amounts raised for the year at that time!

This is a big event for us. In the Spring we hope to pursue the major funds for restoration from the Community Preservation Fund at Town Meeting (est. $750,000). But the CP Committee and townspeople expect to see a match and local support for any effort they endorse.

We have done that and can finish in grand style with this auction.

Hope you will visit the art – cast a bid – acknowledge the great work of the artists and donate to a very good cause.

In order to bid, you will be required to register (valid email address required). You can do so now or after you’ve browsed the incredible artwork and photography…
Auction items
Item #1
David Bastille
Item #2
Richard Kattman
Item #4
Barbara Lush
Item #5
David Carmack
Item #6
Linda Ramrath
Item #7
Thomas F. Black
Item #8
Thomas F. Black
Item #9
Thomas F. Black
Item #10
Bryan York

At the end of the Stroll, the Committee decided to extend the bidding out of respect for the artists’ time and work and to benefit the 8 Arch Bridge cause.